Roles and Responsibilities

University Laboratory Safety Committee (ULSC)

The University Laboratory Safety Committee assists in overseeing the safety Plan of the University. 


For sake of Safety, Laboratory is defined as any location in which research or teaching activity is performed using reagents or instruments potentially exposing humans to chemical, physical or biological hazards 



  1. Meets at least once per semester and on an as-needed basis. Meetings  and deliberations are minuted 
  2. Presents and reviews employees’ concerns and complaints 
  3. Recommends corrective actions 
  4. Recommends changes in policies, regulations and manuals
  5. Coordinate and supervise the activity of the safety Office and safety Officer related to Laboratory safety 
  6. Receives, evaluates and takes action based on the inspections visits performed by the safety officer in the various University research or teaching laboratoriescomputer labs, workshops active in the various Colleges
  7. Coordinates and harmonizes the Activities of the College safety Committees active in the various Colleges of the Alfaisal University 
  8. Develop and administer plans, policies, and procedures related to laboratory and environmental health and safety for instructional and research laboratories at Alfaisal University.
  9. Increases safety awareness and encourages compliance with safety rules 
  10. Evaluates the effectiveness of the environmental health and safety program regarding Laboratory safety 

It reports to the Vice President Office  of research and Graduate Studies