Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Glasses and googles

Safety Glasses 

How to put on safety glasses:

  • The same way regular glasses are worn. 
  • Put on the glasses and adjust the strap of the safety goggle. 
  • ONE  per person. 
  • Wear goggles at all times when managing compounds and fragile glass materials. 

Difference between a safety goggle and safety glasses: 

Safety glasses: Similar to regular glasses, however, it has a plastic shield on the side of the glasses. 

Safety goggle: Similar to diver’s goggles, less comfortable than safety glasses, but with greater safety functions. 

Wearing safety glasses while wearing regular glasses 

Safety glasses can’t be worn on top of regular glasses; only safety goggles can be worn in this case.Prescribed safety glasses are sold and manufactured; lenses of the glasses must be made with plastic materials. Personnel wearing regular glasses must undergo an eye examination and use prescribed safety glasses. 

Wearing safety glasses while using UV rays and lasers 

  • Regular safety glasses cannot block UV rays and lasers. 
  • Special safety glasses must be worn to block UV rays and laser. 


  • Safety glasses only shield the eye: A face-shield must be worn when the protection of the entire face is necessary (ex. Vacuum glazing). 
  • A large face shield, similar to the glass shield on a motorcycle helmet, must be worn when executing experiments of potential explosion of inside of the hood