Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Safety Gloves

Safety gloves should always be worn when working with chemicals even if the chemical containers are tightly closed or the experiment being conducted is within a closed system.  Gloves should be comfortable, of sufficient length to prevent exposure of the hand and wrist, and should be appropriate for the type of work to be performed.  Gloves should be inspected for visible tears before use, changed when they become soiled or compromised, and discarded appropriately after use.

Safety gloves come in a variety of materials that provide different levels of protection.  Laboratory personnel should use gloves that provide the highest level of protection against the substances to be used.  Some individuals develop allergies to the materials used to manufacture safety gloves.  If this occurs, select a comparable glove made of an alternate material.  

Gloves must be worn to protect hands from exposure to hazardous materials. Glove selection should be based on an appropriate risk assessment. Alternatives to latex gloves should be available. Gloves must not be worn outside the laboratory.  

  •  Change gloves when contaminated, integrity has been compromised, or when otherwise necessary. Wear two pairs of gloves when appropriate. 
  • Remove gloves and wash hands when work with hazardous materials has been completed and before leaving the laboratory. 
  • Do not wash or reuse disposable gloves. Dispose of used gloves with other contaminated laboratory waste. Hand washing protocols must be rigorously followed. 

Wash your hands after removing gloves!