Chemical inventory

Laboratory inspections

The Safety Officer routinely inspects each laboratory and laboratory support room using a predefined checklist prepared by the ULSC. Safety Officer Inspections also serve to prepare laboratories for inspections from outside agencies.

The Safety Officer inspections examine laboratory access and security; housekeeping; signage and labeling; safety equipment; spill supplies; operation and certification of chemical fume hoods, bio-safety cabinets, and glove boxes; chemical segregation and storage; waste handling procedures; and laboratory records.  A copy of the Laboratory Safety Inspection Checklist is located in the Safety Officer Office. 

Laboratory personnel are encouraged to participate in Safety Officer Inspections. Following an inspection, Laboratory Manager will receive a report from the Safety Officer that identifies safety issues and corresponding corrective actions.  Dangerous and severe violations of safety policies will be dealt with immediately. The Dean, The safety College Liaison and the Chair of the ULSC will be informed immediately. 

For minor issues, Laboratory Manager will be given an appropriate amount of time to make required changes.  After this time period, the Safety Officer will follow-up to determine if appropriate corrective actions have been taken. Safety Officer in case of emergency or severe violation has the Authority to shut down operations that pose imminent hazard or severe to life limb property or the environment. A report will be file with high priority to the ULSC.