Chemical inventory

Material Safety Data Sheets library

Each instructional and research laboratory is required to maintain a chemical inventory that includes all of the chemicals stored in the laboratory.  A current Chemical Inventory must be kept in the Safety Records and Resources binder.   

Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS) Library  

MSDS contain product information regarding hazards associated with the substances the product contains.  Chemical manufacturers must provide MSDS for each chemical they produce.  Many manufacturers provide MSDS online and may not include paper copies with each chemical delivery.  Maintaining an MSDS Library in each laboratory provides laboratory personnel the information necessary to safely manage chemicals, identify potential hazards, and design laboratory projects with consideration to chemical hazards.  The MSDS Library also serves to inform laboratory and emergency personnel of the correct actions to take in the event of an emergency and how to effectively respond to a chemical spill.  Each MSDS contains the following information: 

  1. Product identification  
  2. A list of hazardous constituents  
  3. Health and safety hazards  
  4. Emergency and first aid procedures  
  5. Spill or fire procedures 
  6. Handling and storage recommendations 
  7. Required Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) 
  8. Physical properties  
  9. Signs and symptoms of exposure 
  10. Environmental effects 
  11. Proper disposal  
  12. Shipping requirements 

It is the responsibility of the Laboratory manager with the cooperation of the Laboratory personnel to provide and maintain the MSDS Library in their laboratory and update it regularly to reflect the inventory of the laboratory.  Laboratory personnel may elect to maintain an electronic MSDS Library on-line or use a computer database.  However, a printed MSDS Library must be available so that MSDS are available in the event of a power outage.