Laboratory Emergencies

Skin or Mucous Membrane Exposure

Skin or mucous membrane exposure can occur through splashes to the eye, face, exposed skin, or clothing; by touching mucous membranes with contaminated hands; or from a needle stick, puncture with a contaminated sharp object, an animal scratch or bite, or through wounds, abrasions, and eczema. In the event of a skin or mucous membrane exposure:  

  1. Remove contaminated PPE and clothing, turning exposed areas inward, and place in a polyethylene bag. 
  2. For mucous membrane exposure, flush the affected area with the eyewash for at least 15 minutes. 
  3. For skin exposure, wash affected skin with antiseptic soap and cold water for at least 15 minutes. Cold water has the effect of closing the skins pores thereby slowing the rate of absorption into the body.  Wash gently so as not to break the skin. 
  4. Call 997 for medical assistance, when needed. 
  5. Immediately notify the Safety Officer, seek medical attention at the closest medical facility