Roles and Responsibilities

College safety liaison

It is responsibility of the Liaison at College level to: 

  1.  Ensure a functional connection between the ULSC and each individual College in order to make sure that decisions at University level are properly transferred at each College and at each Laboratory in the College 
  2. Support the activity of the Safety Officer in all his/her actions of Inspection and training by facilitating interactions with each Lab Manager 
  3. Support the Lab manager in implementing the recommendations or the Safety Officer and of ULSC 
  4. Ensure that all major safety documents and their updates are known and distributed to the relevant people in the College 
  5. Ensure that all workers and students are kept informed about safety in effective manner 
  6. Ensure that specific guidelines/manuals to address specific safety issues of the College are approved by ULSC before being circulated and implemented 
  7. His/her activities will be performed in strict cooperation with the Safety Officer 
  8. Ensure that recommendations, suggestions, complaints from   members of the College and students are addressed and transmitted when necessary to the safety Officer and to the ULSC.  

The responsibility for the safety of each individual Laboratory rests solely on the Lab Manager and not on the Liaison