Roles and Responsibilities

Employee’s rights

Personnel at Alfaisal University have the right to: 

  1. Review copies of appropriate standards, rules, regulations, and requirements that Alfaisal University is required to have available at the workplace. 
  2. Know the identity of safety and health hazards encountered at the workplace. 
  3. Request information from the employer on safety and health hazards in the work place, appropriate precautions to take, and procedures to follow if the employee is involved in an accident or exposure. 
  4. Receive appropriate training before beginning work with hazardous substances. 
  5. Refuse to perform unsafe work that presents imminent danger of death or serious injury. 
  6. Refuse to work with a hazardous substance if information about it is not provided within five working days after filing a written request with the Safety Officer or if proper safety equipment or safety guards are not provided.  
  7. The right to medical attention and treatment in the event of an exposure to a hazardous substance or laboratory injury. 


Visitors, contractors and non-laboratory personnel are responsible to:

  1. Obtain authorization from the lab director or designate prior to entering the lab; 
  2. Abide by the instructions of the lab director or designate regarding restricted access and the use of personal protective equipment.