Roles and Responsibilities

Laboratory personnel

It is the responsibility of all laboratory personnel (defined as employees, undergraduate, post-graduate students, MSc students, PhD students and Post Docs) to conduct laboratory work and activities in a manner that will not adversely impact themselves, other laboratory personnel, the surrounding community, or the environment.  Specific responsibilities are: 

  1. Following Alfaisal University policies, procedures, recommendations, and requirements for laboratory safety as stated by the Safety Officer. 
  2. Complete all required laboratory safety training. 
  3. Seek approval from the Safety Officer for all work involving hazardous substances.  
  4. Be knowledgeable of the following:  
  5. Location and use of Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Library. 
  6. Proper storage, handling, and disposal of hazardous substances. 
  7. Laboratory-specific emergency procedures, contact information, evacuation procedures, and the location(s) and use of spill supplies. 
  8. Location, use, storage, and maintenance of Personal Protection Equipment. 
  9. Location and use of the appropriate Alfaisal University Laboratory Safety manuals. 
  10. Access to restrictions and the need to challenge unknown persons entering the laboratory. 
  11. Location and use of fire safety equipment. 
  12. Develop good chemical hygiene habits. 
  13. Communicate instances of spills, accidents, near-accidents, and unsafe work conditions to Safety Officer. 
  14. Communicate instances of known or suspected exposures to.