Roles and Responsibilities

Laboratory manager

Laboratory Managers are responsible to: 


  1. Set a positive example by practicing safety, and personally using all appropriate safety equipment and ensure compliance. 
  2. Establish and require safe work practices as normal procedure. 
  3. Ensure that activities conducted within their area of responsibility comply with University policies and relevant legal requirements related to safety; 
  4. Ensure overall neatness 
  5. Ensure that all personnel and students working within their Unit are provided sufficient information, training and supervision to carry out their work safely; 
  6. Ensure that all lab personnel are equipped with the required personal protective equipment (PPE) and to ensure that such PPE are maintained properly and used correctly; 
  7. Ensure that all personnel receive appropriate and adequate information and training (in synergy with the Safety Officer) to be able to respond to emergency situations; 
  8. Ensure that all the relevant Safety-related, current versions of Manuals and forms are available in the Lab, properly stored, easily accessible to anyone for consultation and updated. 
  9. Ensure that safety devices (such as showers, eye washers, fire blanket, emergency safe kits) and engineering controls are adequate, appropriate, and in good working order; 
  10. Ensure that the required monitoring of the various instruments (safety cabinets, hood, freezer, incubators etc) in the Lab is regularly carried out, updated and recorded in the provided forms. Forms should be easily evident on the front or side of each instrument. 
  11. Keep update records of Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) easily accessible for lab attendants and for inspection by Safety Officer. 
  12. Comply with international chemical labeling and storage requirements  
  13. Ensure compliance with KSA waste disposal regulations  
  14. Report in a timely fashion to the University Safety officer any risk (biological, chemical, radio-chemical, electrical, fire) that need to be addressed